Meet the CEO, designer, tester, sewer, quilter...

Hello all my name is Summer! I am Dazzling Quiltz. I started Dazzling Quiltz on Instagram in 2019 to have a place to share my quilting journey. I never expected I would be here today writing a blog about Dazzling Quiltz. So where do I start....

A little about me. I reside in Orange, Texas. A small south east Texas city about 30 minutes from Beaumont, Texas and 45 minutes from Lake Charles, Louisiana. I've lived here for nearly 6 years with my husband and 3 cats, my fur babies - Lady, Nessie, and Dice. Believe it or not, but quilting and pattern design is not my full time job. I actually work at a near by university and will probably be there until I can retire. I dream of the day when I can focus solely on what I love, but until that day I will keep working hard at both jobs.

I learned about quilting through my father's sister. My aunt has been sewing and quilting longer than I have been living. I was intrigued by her art form, but never thought about doing it myself. I did offer to buy fabric so she could make me a quilt, which she gifted me in 2011, but it wasn't until 2016 that I decided to try my hand at making a quilt. My bestfriend was pregnant and I wanted to give her something that her daughter would cherish forever, so I made my first baby quilt. My aunt walked me through the steps. I returned home with a nearly complete quilt and decided I didn't want to stop there. Five years later here I am opening my online shop to sell quilt patterns. 

During those five years I made numerous quilts for family and friends. I've even sold a few, but I have never kept any for myself or my house. In 2019, life changed. I lost my mom to cancer and I decided that I was going to start sewing for me and would only sew for others on rare occasions. In 2019 I also went to the International Quilt Festival in Houston and wow was I forever changed. This is where I discovered Tula Pink and Alison Glass. Before Quilt Fest, I rarely bought quilt fabric from a quilt shop. After quilt fest, I never looked back. I bought my first collection by Tula Pink and decided to design an English paper pieced (EPP) pattern and submitted it in the Tula Pink Free Spirit Homemade Challenge in 2020. I won't go into great detail on how crazy 2020 was, but if it wasn't for Covid-19 I would have never finished my quilt and be able to submit it. So, even though the pandemic cause a horrible ripple affect throughout the world it gave the time I needed to hand sew over 900 pieces to finish 2020, Sew Chaotic and become one of the 12 finalist. My quilt is now on a trunk tour and will be at Quilt Fest later this year. It seriously blow my mind every time I think about it.

From 2020, Sew Chaotic two exciting things happened. I made an amazing friend and business partner, Ashley from and I designed and released my first pattern 2020, Sew Chaotic. Can I say I was hooked at writing patterns because now I am releasing a whopping 12 patterns in total, at once and will be hosting a block of the month starting August 2021. 

So you may want to know where the name Dazzling Quiltz came from. This may sound cheesy, but I am a die-hard Twilight fan and when I think of my quilts and patterns I want them to dazzle the hell out of everyone! I'm all about eye popping patterns, fabrics and quilting, which is why I also do my own free motion quilting on my quilts, but that discussion can be for another day. 

Until next time, sew on!


Dazzling Quiltz