Pattern Corrections

\Before starting any of our quilt patterns, it's best to check if there are any known pattern corrections. We update this list as we find errors.

In additional an email will be sent to those who purchased the item to notify them of the change. 

5th Dimension Collection

Andromeda: Calipso

  • Page 21 K piece measurement was slightly off. This has been corrected and the PDF zip file has been updated. Those who have purchased the collection have been notified by email on July 9, 2021 11:36 am and have been sent the correction. Anyone who purchases moving forward will have the corrected version of the pattern.

Sirius: Solar Collision

  • Pattern pieces A-D for both right and left side were numbered incorrectly. The collections have been updated. If you have already purchased the collection before noon on July 11, 2021 please contact me and I can send you an updated pattern or you can rewrite the numbers as such...
    • E/F-right 1-11
    • C/D/B-right 1, 12-21
    • A-right 22-26
    • C/B-left 1-11
    • A/E/F-left 1, 12-21
    • D-left 22-26